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Actifact Corporation

Actifact Corporation is a software development and consulting firm specializing in the field of active data warehousing, specifically for Teradata enterprise data warehouses. The company has world class experience in designing and architecting both standard batch and near-realtime streaming loads and data access for large corporations.

Active Data Warehousing

Traditional data warehouses load data at most once a day. This is acceptable for the majority of applications. In some cases, however, there is a need for more recent data to be available in the warehouse at all times. Data may have to be loaded at intervals of a few minutes as a minibatch, or continuously streamed into the data warehouse in near real time. This data can then be made available to the enterprise to support tactical decisions. This concept is also known as active data warehousing.

While the Teradata platform provides some facilities for low latency loading, minibatch and continous loads and tactical queries require the use of techniques that are very different from tranditional batch loads. New considerations arise that range from the procurement of a streaming data feed to new methods for realtime transformations, the effects of sudden peaks in volume, and versioning strategies. Actifact's team of professionals is well versed in these techniques.


Actifact's guiding principle is to provide top of the line expertise and honest assessment to our clients.

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